We, as the ASIA AND EUROPE FOOTBALL WORLD AGENCY, are an Agency that advises and looks after well qualified Soccer professionals or upcoming Soccer talents and Coaches with big experiences, from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Africa (Cameroon, North Africa), the Caribbean and South America. Furthermore we support our Partner Clubs in Asia, Europe, Canada, USA and Australia with a various of exclusiv special services what makes us different from „other“ Agencies.


We are a serious Agency with a large international network that puts a lot of value and criteria (human and sports orientated) between ourselves, our players and our partnerclubs. We take it very seriously to properly assess each player with multiple discussions and scoutings to insure that he fulfils all the necessary criteria to ensure a harmonious collaboration with us. The players we represent are looking for the opportunity to relaunch their carier in Europe, Asia, Canada, USA and Australia at high level and we are hopeful to be able to fullfill this wish in such a professional and ambitious Club like yours.


We are the only European Agency that offers exlusively this service between the mentioned countries in Europe, Asia as well as for Canada, USA and Australia. We have already had very successful deals and have had very good experiences so far and have established a good niche in this market.


We would be very interested in a present and futur working partnership with you respectively your well known Club and can offer you the following services:

1. We act as your personal scout-partner and supply you with all the necessary career details concerning the players under our contract as CV's, pictures, video footage, their current positions, in wich you are currently interested in. We cover the whole range of Club-level (for example 1. Bundesliga in Germany as well as 3. League as spring board for high talented and ambitious young players).

2. All the scouting works wouldn’t cost you nothing and its based on our partnership.

3.   You can give us detailed information on players your are looking for and we look for this profile-players.

4.   You decide whether and which of the proposed players is selected.

5.   We organize the contact and negotation between the clubs here in Europe and your Club and the players and your club.

6.. We can offer your Club a unique service through our internationnally active Partner. Its manager, Marco Bernet, is active for many years as instructor for training „clinics“ for the Swiss Football Association. He was responsible for the conception and putting into practice of the young and upcoming category of the FC Zürich's premier league's club. He brings with him as former Sportchief of the first team, a lot of experience in the professional structuring of a high level club. Marco Bernet offers his services in the optimizing of training concepts and further education of Coaches and other staff as for example fitness coaching, medical staff and in general helping to optimise the structure of the club. He works since years with high professional people in international football and can supply you with the best specialists.


Nothing would please us more, than to be able to set up a longterm working partnership with your ambitious Club.